About Us

Making privacy core business

We are a profit-for-purpose privacy risk management company.

Privcore’s team with 40 years’ combined experience helps business and government make privacy core business so they can deliver services with the trust and confidence of customers and citizens.

Privacy regulates the decisions that people make in organisations about the customer and citizen data they hold. It addresses broad issues beyond just the control or security of that data. Privacy is one of the most interdisciplinary subject areas, with understanding required across information technology, business operations and law. Privcore staff bring these interdisciplinary lenses to their work.

Privcore is supported by partners and subcontractors who help us deliver on our vision. Privcore collaborates with a top group of privacy and security consultants on large projects nationally and internationally. Privcore is also fully pre-qualified under the NSW Performance and Management Scheme for NSW government contracts and on the Privacy Services Provider Panel for federal government contracts.

Annelies Moens

Managing Director

Annelies' vision is to make privacy core business - a discipline as integral to business and government as finance, with the chief privacy officer role  as important as the chief financial officer role and chief digital & data officer roles.

Annelies is a widely recognised global privacy expert and thought leader, trusted by business executives, government and privacy professionals with nearly 20 years’ experience.

Dr John Selby

Head of Research & Training

John has researched and taught cyber security and privacy at Macquarie University, Sydney and is a founding member of the Optus-Macquarie Cybersecurity Hub.

He has consulted on cutting edge issues, such as: how company boards can build trust in the face of cybersecurity risks, online browser privacy, and the evaluation of software feedback systems.

He has researched, written, trained and presented on numerous cybersecurity and privacy topics.


TrustArc_Logo_Blue (Custom).png

Privcore has partnered with TrustArc which provides privacy technology platforms for organisations globally. TrustArc’s technology platforms can be used to help manage privacy programs through, for example, conducting privacy impact and risk assessments, creating data inventories, managing individual access requests and delivering privacy regulatory insights.


Privcore has partnered with Iron Bastion, a cybersecurity company to help organisations conduct security assessments. Iron Bastion provides a range of cybersecurity services to help protect organisations from cyber threats, data breaches and phishing.


Privcore has partnered with Cookiebot and is its approved Australian reseller. Cookiebot technology helps make cookie practices transparent and manages the consent processes for website visitors. Privcore develops customised cookie policies and notices in compliance with GDPR, CCPA and other privacy requirements and uses Cookiebot to identify cookies and their purposes. For a discount on your use of Cookiebot contact Privcore.

Approved Supplier

NSW Government

Contracted Supplier

Performance Management Scheme

Valid to: 19 February 2022

Australian Government


Contracted Supplier

Privacy Services Provider Panel

Valid to: 28 February 2022

Australian Government


Contracted Supplier

Boosting Female Founders Initiative Mentors Panel, 2020-2023