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If you would like help with a privacy article and need some quotes contact Annelies Moens or Dr John Selby: media [at]

Bios for Annelies Moens and Dr John Selby

Our Services:

If you would like some information or to discuss requirements for a quote please contact:   

operations [at] or

contact us on Wire and let us know what we can assist you with.


Here is a summary of our services:

  • Privacy impact assessments

  • Risk assessments and privacy health checks

  • Building privacy programs for startups and other organisations

  • Privacy management framework development

  • Privacy maturity model development and assessment

  • Privacy and related research

  • Training and presentations

  • Privacy by design

  • Privacy aspects of artificial intelligence and automated decision making

  • Data breach prevention and recovery

  • Privacy certification advice including APEC Cross Border Privacy Rules

  • Cookie policy, notice and consent management 

  • Something else we can help you with


We are collecting the personal information you wish to provide so that we can assist you with your query. When you email us please note that the information you provide will be sent to our secure and encrypted email service provider based in Switzerland with Swiss servers. Likewise, if you contact us through Wire your communication is secure and encrypted. Wire is headquartered in Switzerland with EU servers. We have deliberately chosen not to use a form submission to protect your privacy and also so that you may have a copy of the email you have sent to us.

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