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Privacy Policy current at January 2020

Privcore helps its clients manage their customer expectations when it comes to how their personal information will be managed. It is a well-known fact that customers do not read privacy policies as they tend to be far too long, complex and legalistic. So, well done for making it here!  

Similarly, how often have you had to consent to terms and conditions and privacy policies when really you have no choice? These demonstrate a poor understanding of privacy and consent/notice processes, along with design choices aimed to shift liability to those that can bear it the least, namely the customer or citizen.

As a small business established in Australia that does not hold Tax File Numbers we are not required to comply with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth). Nevertheless, we go above and beyond those minimum compliance standards where we can.  So, we won’t bore you with a traditional privacy policy that just replicates what the law says. 


As a consequence of our decades of privacy experience, we are more conscious than most government agencies and businesses about how to respect personal information, keep it secure and keep the trust of our clients and their customers and make privacy-preserving choices. We are a privacy consultancy, thus collect limited personal information to communicate and provide our consultancy services. 


The strategies we use to protect personal information include using: privacy filters, secure and encrypted devices, email service, mailing list service and back up providers. This includes having multi-factor authentication in place. Our key service providers cannot see or access content (known as end-to-end encryption).

We do not set social media buttons on our website. We do not set third party cookies on our website though our website host provider, Wix, sets some security and visitor cookies on our website by default which you can choose to block in your browser settings. We have enabled Google Analytics on our website, but have ensured your IP address is anonymised to protect your privacy. 

If you would like to know more about how we protect and respect your privacy or would like a more effective way of communicating your privacy policy obligations and choices to customers, contact us: operations [at]

Please be aware that in November 2019 the European Data Protection Board issued its final guidelines 3/2018 on the territorial scope of the GDPR (Article 3). Businesses not established in the EU need to specifically target individuals in the EU and process their data to come within its ambit.

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