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Making privacy core business


We are entering an unprecedented era of ‘social climate change’, a phrase first coined at the Data Protection Commissioners’ Conference in October 2018, as society reels from tech-driven assaults on human autonomy and privacy.

The Edelman Trust Barometer shows trust levels in society are decreasing. Organisations are experiencing increasing numbers of data breaches. Technology platforms and Internet-enabled devices are collecting more and more data. Businesses and governments are increasingly personalising services (mass-customisation).

Much of the value of an organisation lies in how well it manages the data it holds, making the chief privacy officer as important as the chief financial and digital and data officers.

That’s why Privcore’s team with 40+ years’ combined experience helps business and government make privacy core business so they can deliver goods and services with the trust and confidence of customers and citizens.

Annelies Moens has worked on several major projects across our organisation covering areas such as privacy risk assessments, strategic priorities, data inventory analysis, data breach management, regulatory engagement, policy drafting and remediation plans.

We credit the work Annelies completed to have significantly reduced our risk whilst also aiding in the prevention of regulatory intervention and customer complaints.


In my opinion, Annelies is an expert in her field. Her ability to interface with all levels of our organisation, from executive teams to subject matter experts, demonstrates her practical approach to complex situations. Being able to communicate privacy matters in ways that business leaders can understand and most importantly act on, is world class.


Annelies has proven her skills time and time again on a local level. However, it is her understanding of global privacy regulations which sets her apart. As a global business with regulatory differences at a country level, we have relied on Annelies’ expertise on many occasions.

Annelies is one of the most professional experts I have had the pleasure of working with.

Senior Director, NYSE - listed company with ANZ annual turnover > $700 million

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